Thursday, July 17, 2008


How many time you have been misunderstood? Well each one of us must be having our own story about that. You are something else , people find you someone else, you care for a person but that person somehow thinks you think bad about them. Why? Have you ever thought about it?
The point is that you may be wrong half the times but may be half the times you were right but you never let others know you were. Why? Because you thought if the people are not able to understand you they won't even understand your views. So what happens is that you continue to be someone different for others.
Do you think that matters? In most cases it doesn't, after all who cares how others see you as long as you know what you are.
But yes sometimes it does matter ,for some persons in your life but still you feel helpless you can't do a thing. Since you don't know whether to act logically and put your views forward or be on an emotional side and just be silent. No explanations... nothing...

Is this what you call taking life as it comes???

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