Thursday, July 17, 2008

Relations - What's Strange about it

I know talking about relations in this little space is indeed funny. When the whole life ends and still you don't understand relations. But I am not going to say anything about relations what one should do, what not. I am going to just say about what is strange in relations. Well first thing is that there the more strong bonding you have , more you take things for granted. Not joking , try it. You get used to that relation, like say you take things easy. Human nature, we are just made like that. Then you realize the value of relation when it is finished not before that,hey I know some of you may be cursing me , ok agreed some of us are smart enough to know the value, but we are not talking about select few, but common people like me. Yes we depend on relations very much , "man is a social animal" as well know. But why is that it often happens relations just cannot depend on us? Come on folks rack your brains and come up with some good logic if you read my blog :)

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