Friday, November 8, 2013

Oh to be in the wonderful world of Facebook!

To be in the Facebook world. You breathe a processed air. Is it fresh? I doubt so. The status updates, the likes, the shares and the comments all are like you are trying to prove a point about yourself. Listening in most of the cases takes a backseat. Who listens? Not even Facebook then why would you anyway? 

You do a post, and then you check how many likes and how many comments it received. You love when someone comments but you love it the most when that person supports what you said. But then that doesn't happen and then starts the arguments. Now this is the most interesting stage as more the exchange of words more the interest generated among people as your post gets popular. So do something to irritate people. You have it then. You will have the cake and eat it too. 

How much can you talk? There is a limit, so now you have to showoff. The pictures, yes about you, your world, your dreams and of course how well you visualize it. On Facebook I think the population of photographers is increasing at much rapid speed than any other professionals. Can we call them professionals in the first place? Well I would leave that to the experts who can shred the pictures and the photographers into pieces. After all that is not my job. 

Now we come to another phase. Dating, proposals, extra marital affairs and everything else. Yes why not social media means people and people mean feelings and feelings mean they will disperse here and there. That is the basic nature, no? How long can you keep it in a concentrated form? You have to dilute it. So you do that with flings and thrills and chills and spills. 

Amid all this some of us like to be there in every situation and still be detached with everything. We are a dangerous lot. We seem to be involved, but we never are. We keep on analyzing  but in the meanwhile we also get ourselves entangled in the web of Facebook. 

The thought always comes to our mind- Oh to be in the wonderful world of Facebook. How wonderful it is? That is another question, another topic, another discussion!