Saturday, September 10, 2011

Life moves in a vacuum

I have been blank for a while. Somewhat drawn within a shell, dwelling in my own world. I did talk with everyone, but it was not the real me. How do I say that? I can, since I know the thoughts and the words raced from my mind and went outside just like you throw something out of the window. I didn't feel one with them, I couldn't identify with my thoughts as the heart had stopped playing any part in it.

Then does that mean we sometimes live superficially? Do we realize that or we continue thinking we have changed? Do we ever change or we just modify the way we interact with the outside world?So many questions are there in my mind. That means all these days, I don't have the count how many, I had gone blank? Why I decided to pen down my thoughts then? What inspired me to come out of my comfort zone and again try out something different. To reach out again with my thoughts and create an impression. Is that a craving to connect again in the way I wanted with the outside world or is it that I am now too bored with the idea of I, me and myself?

We live life in different compartments. Sometimes some of that gets too hot or cold for our comfort. Then we being self centered beings immediately rush to another zone to be comfortable. It hardly matters to us how we responded to others in the process. They too stop bothering about us or it can be that first they got blank, so we followed suit. Life still keeps on moving in a vaccum...