Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How much you should work

People sometimes ask me to relax,not think about work when I am out of my office.They feel I am over exerting myself. On the contrary I feel I am not, if I was then first thing first I would have realized that.See what I do is what my heart tells me to. I don't believe in the term workaholic. Even if it exists as everyone may say my question is to-is it good or is it bad,can you define? No we cannot,since it may be good for some and bad for another.

Further don't we need some 'workaholics' to keep the wheels running smoothly or so to say to balance the lethargic. Tough choice indeed. Either you go beyond or let the ship sink.So do you think in today's world you can think of a time bound job if you want to excel in your field. I don't think so,maybe I am wrong for some again but then I know I am right for myself.

Concept of smart work , now how smart does it get. Agreed you can do something methodically so that it takes less time to get completed. But I have seen some people who in the name of smart work actually did nothing. Then how do you define smart work. I think a way in which you can do a work in the best possible manner. Does smartness here actually relate to time ,maybe sometime but not always.

So this brings to the question-how much you should work. That much which you are supposed to do or that much you want to do or that much which actually should be done and which remains undefined. Believe it or not all of us may be following all the three ways, what do you think is the best one to follow so that nothing else gets hampered?