Saturday, September 5, 2009


Twitter is a new entry in my life, did I say anything new or stated something which is much outdated, kind of dull statement I am making? But as far as I am concerned when I am saying that this social networking site has created an impression in my life it means it is just like a friend to me like a family kind of. It lets me vent out my emotions, share what I feel listens silently, enlightens me and ensures I am always going. Can this be expected from anyone else other than someone close to you. It does not put bindings no conditions, lets me be myself just me , no fake persona , no facade no rules I have to follow. My network of friends are always there with some interesting things or other to ensure life is not boring. What can I ask more rather than soar up the sky and tweet to my heart content. Just some feelings sorry tweelings I wanted to share :)