Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our attitude should change

Professionalism- is it always required at work place or you need it in every sphere of life? Is it fine if you do your work with perfection but when it comes to home any social activity you can be relaxed. After all it doesn't matter even if the work is not done on time or there are errors.

Then can we say we are professional because there is a fear factor working in our minds which let us be efficient at work. What is the definition of expertise in home affairs. Who has mastered it then? The home maker be that a woman or a man won't you say that person has a professional approach?

In any social activity which we are doing what gets us there-we like it,we want to do it,we are doing it for a purpose. There we hardly think of being professional, we think the fact that we are doing it is enough, that we have taken time out to do something is an achievement in itself. Does it work like that?

What I feel is professionalism is required in all spheres of life be that our home affairs, managing a wedding,hosting an event or even celebrating something.Professionalism means doing things right and at the right time come what may. What is your opinion about this?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

We adjust to be happy

We always hear this, we need to adjust.Adjustment so to say is part of our existence. We cannot ignore it in fact it can be dangerous for us if we try to do so. But when the question comes how much we should adjust then all the trouble starts.

We are never clear about that. We go all our way to adjust for a situation and then what happens we are not in that situation, we are at the back seat. It usually happens that people take us or we take the people for granted. Not a perfect situation.

Can we say that when we are happy in adjusting that is actually the ideal adjustment. How beneficial it will be for other person or situation. Well even if the adjustment is 10% less than what it had been if we had not put our feelings in it, the result will always be good. Success rate more than when you are unhappy and giving in to situation since you have to do it.Here you have to do it but you are not doing it actually. The mechanical aspect doesn't help.

What I feel yes we should adjust but only that much which we do with full heart, rest just leave it. Either way the thing is not going to work if it's not working with your full engagement. If life asks for full engagement,situations as well, they are not separate from life are they.