Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Where has the balance gone?

We are living life in a broadcast mode these days. Everything we do, feel, not feel, not do, not think or think has to be told to others. It is our duty to make everyone aware of what exactly is going on at this precise moment in our lives. Hidden agenda? The moment we hear that we think what is that. Why would anything be hidden at all?

Still we want our lives to be private. We want everyone to be aware of what is on there, but that's it. No one should try to analyze, be inquisitive or even react to what we dish out to them. It is as if we want control over others emotions.

Have we turned extroverts or getting more into a shell with our constant expression. Yes humans are supposed to be expressive, but the feelings were never designed to be expressed so much. Have they turned dry? Do we think too much, read between the lines only? Are we normal human beings?

Where has the balance gone? Where is the real me or you? Now we are an id and all the paraphernalia attached with it. It seems a layer has just come over us and the self has withdrawn itself somewhere within.
Sadly there is no way to come out of this and we have to continue like this. At best we can try to be more human.