Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Journeys

I am happy in mundane things.My daily routine in fact brings me close to myself. I get up in the mornings , get ready and reach my workplace.

I cherish the journeys between my home and office as I keep pondering about many things on my way. Lot of thoughts just engulf me that time when I am heading for my workplace.

Like where my life is going, some minor issues which may be troubling me or just some observations regarding where my life is going or I keep on looking listlessly at the objects passing by.

Then when I reach office suddenly my mind switches off what I was thinking earlier, instantly I now think of what is there to work. Work ensues interspersed with some pleasantries from the colleagues or some hearty discussions thrown here and there. And with that the day ends.

Now I start my return journey , usually I keep on listening to some songs or just keep on looking at the rows of trees passing by, the same road juncture , the round turn , the mad rush of the people returning home. Those moments are as if like refreshing drops of rain. Maybe it's too simple , too prosaic but it actually lets me connect to my thoughts which I hardly get time to relate to.

I think I should be thankful that my house is far from my workplace or else wouldn't have got time to engage in my thoughts.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Some forgotten moments

Past... it sometimes makes us and sometimes breaks us so to say. We sometimes cling so much to our past that we forget our present. We keep pondering over what happened earlier. Yes there are so many things associated with that , in fact a part of our being is always connected to past. So what do we do , shall we forget those moments or cherish them. Obviously there will be two types of opinions some would say we cannot detach ourselves from our past some would say it is better to move ahead.

We should welcome change and when time changes shouldn't we also adapt to that. But it is easier said than done. How can we just switch ourselves from what happened earlier and concentrate on what is happening now. An ideal situation will be just to sort the various events, what were good we keep it to ourselves and forget all that was bad . Yes but is it really possible to do so.Maybe not impossible but yes it is very difficult indeed. Sometimes our lives just end thinking what we may remember and what we should forget...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

End is the Beginning

Sometimes end is just a beginning.In life there comes a point where continuation is a major problem then isn't it more worthwhile if you stop there and then only. There is no point dragging on when you are heading nowhere. Sometimes it also happens that we want things or situation in our own way but actually they are not destined to be that way. So they never happen in the way we want them. And when we stop the same then we realize after some time why they never happened our way. So we may feel bad when something stops but actually we should realize it's going on a right track.


How many time you have been misunderstood? Well each one of us must be having our own story about that. You are something else , people find you someone else, you care for a person but that person somehow thinks you think bad about them. Why? Have you ever thought about it?
The point is that you may be wrong half the times but may be half the times you were right but you never let others know you were. Why? Because you thought if the people are not able to understand you they won't even understand your views. So what happens is that you continue to be someone different for others.
Do you think that matters? In most cases it doesn't, after all who cares how others see you as long as you know what you are.
But yes sometimes it does matter ,for some persons in your life but still you feel helpless you can't do a thing. Since you don't know whether to act logically and put your views forward or be on an emotional side and just be silent. No explanations... nothing...

Is this what you call taking life as it comes???

Relations - What's Strange about it

I know talking about relations in this little space is indeed funny. When the whole life ends and still you don't understand relations. But I am not going to say anything about relations what one should do, what not. I am going to just say about what is strange in relations. Well first thing is that there the more strong bonding you have , more you take things for granted. Not joking , try it. You get used to that relation, like say you take things easy. Human nature, we are just made like that. Then you realize the value of relation when it is finished not before that,hey I know some of you may be cursing me , ok agreed some of us are smart enough to know the value, but we are not talking about select few, but common people like me. Yes we depend on relations very much , "man is a social animal" as well know. But why is that it often happens relations just cannot depend on us? Come on folks rack your brains and come up with some good logic if you read my blog :)

Strange Reality

Nothing new , life comes and goes , still we behave as if this is the first time it all happened. You fall in love , you break up, you get born or you just go away from the world .Life is ever changing.Still we keep on moving ahead forgetting each moment of sorrow , cherishing just the happy memories and hoping for some more happier times. Happiness if we see stays with us always but yes it hides behind the curtains of doubt, fear and our weaknesses. We sometimes discover that yes we are happy suddenly , nothing surprising happens but still our heart glows. That is the moment we should try to bring often in our lives why any person , any situation will guide us to be happy. It's our heart why we cannot guide it or more correctly why we can't listen to our heart and tell loudly "Yes I will smile not because this and that happened but because I want to smile and my heart wants me to smile". Love is somewhere ensconced in our heart we just need to discover it.

Small Joys

Wondered why you feel exhilarated when you see the raindrops falling innocently on the green leaves? Why your heart is filled with joy when you see the sun melting in the horizon? Why small joys mean so much in your life? The reason is that our heart doesn't want much.It is happy with little offerings of life but yes our mind wants more. Our life is but an eternal struggle between mind and heart. Sometimes heart wins but mostly it is the mind which takes over the control and our life ends just in listening to it. Wish we were satisfied with small joys in life then we would have understood the true meaning of it. It means understanding that life stands for enjoyment in what we have not for suffering in what we don't have.

Daily Affairs

Life is something which behaves always the opposite way.We think we have got acquainted with it,known its intricacies but suddenly it turns and changes it's colors. Not that we like it, we do or else how we will get the daily dose of drama which is so much essential for our existence. But sometimes we do want the situations to be more predictable. At least we don't get surprised by what is happening around. Yes some degree of predictability is needed in our lives so that we can plan our actions and behave accordingly. If only we can guess who is going to react in a situation , what is the result of a particular event. Things have been much easier. We would have predicted the behavior of people. If we could have understood the behavior of people we would have sorted many of our problems. If we observe closely we would find that many of the problems in life are a result of our shortcomings. We falter a great deal in understanding people who are there in our world either attached closely at work or at personal levels. We may behave not in a desired manner because we don't know the real situation. Sometimes we can get indicators and yes we need to work on our intuitions. Maybe life works best when it is unpredictable, unknown and full of surprise