Thursday, July 17, 2008

Daily Affairs

Life is something which behaves always the opposite way.We think we have got acquainted with it,known its intricacies but suddenly it turns and changes it's colors. Not that we like it, we do or else how we will get the daily dose of drama which is so much essential for our existence. But sometimes we do want the situations to be more predictable. At least we don't get surprised by what is happening around. Yes some degree of predictability is needed in our lives so that we can plan our actions and behave accordingly. If only we can guess who is going to react in a situation , what is the result of a particular event. Things have been much easier. We would have predicted the behavior of people. If we could have understood the behavior of people we would have sorted many of our problems. If we observe closely we would find that many of the problems in life are a result of our shortcomings. We falter a great deal in understanding people who are there in our world either attached closely at work or at personal levels. We may behave not in a desired manner because we don't know the real situation. Sometimes we can get indicators and yes we need to work on our intuitions. Maybe life works best when it is unpredictable, unknown and full of surprise

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