Thursday, July 17, 2008

Strange Reality

Nothing new , life comes and goes , still we behave as if this is the first time it all happened. You fall in love , you break up, you get born or you just go away from the world .Life is ever changing.Still we keep on moving ahead forgetting each moment of sorrow , cherishing just the happy memories and hoping for some more happier times. Happiness if we see stays with us always but yes it hides behind the curtains of doubt, fear and our weaknesses. We sometimes discover that yes we are happy suddenly , nothing surprising happens but still our heart glows. That is the moment we should try to bring often in our lives why any person , any situation will guide us to be happy. It's our heart why we cannot guide it or more correctly why we can't listen to our heart and tell loudly "Yes I will smile not because this and that happened but because I want to smile and my heart wants me to smile". Love is somewhere ensconced in our heart we just need to discover it.

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