Sunday, August 16, 2009


Life moves fast and we are spending more time with our colleagues(at least those of us who are working) at work than our family. Gradually it seems we are distanced from our near and dear ones, it's not that they are not there, they are but not in the way you would have wanted. The question comes how you want them to be? Nothing much, only the usual dinner together, discussing topics, gossips they all are missing since you don't have time and your family also doesn't have time to indulge in that. You seem lost, seek solace in your work and you get that also but then you ponder over the fact that how life has changed. Can you change it, at least for me I don't think I can. It has to be like this and it will be. Now what is positive in this, it is that you gradually evolve as a person,become more self dependent after all you know you have to struggle on your own. Do I mind or would you mind this situation? Would you like yourself as you would have been earlier emotionally dependent on some member of your family or as you are now dependent on yourself like anything. You know if you falter you won't get chance to lead a second life. I think life is moving fast but at the same time it's teaching us lot of things,fact is how much we are willing to learn depend entirely on us.