Friday, August 1, 2008

Personal Spaces

We love certain situations in life and want it to be like that forever. But when it does then we do lose our interest in it. Then we think of something more , some changes , some variations.

How many times you have liked the company of a friend or a colleague but when we are meeting those people day in and day out what happens? Don't you think fine I need some space , some change.

Yes our personal spaces are very much important, however extrovert we may be , we may have large number of friend but some point of time we want some moments for just ourselves.

Man is a social animal , true but we all are at some point of times loners as well. We can be married or single , but we do need some time just for ourselves where we are only there without any interruption or disturbances.

I know people may not agree to my views and would say how is it possible we are loners .Just look into yourself ,do you not crave for some moments which you can just spend on yourself? Just give it a thought...