Sunday, April 10, 2011

A day between the real and the unreal

It was just another day, some usual moments interspersed with fun and laughter. Suddenly it changed at night. The pattern, the features which gave the day the definition of being monotonous kind of cooperated with one another to make it a day which you would not forget in a hurry. It was not bad neither it was good, it had those shades of gray which have the dangerous intention to mix things.

The thoughts which came in a loop, suddenly collided with each other. The feelings confused the soul. The mind raced beyond the realm of reality and stretched its domain to the unreal. The being found itself transfixed on edge, where it didn't know where to step and where not.

It was not a calamity, but the apocalypse could be sensed. The real world's flimsy cover which clogged the minds was lifting, the unreal which was actually the truth was shining beyond the darkness.

How can a simple event have such a tremendous effect? How humanity would sense it? Everything apparently was normal, why would anyone bother about what may happen. There was no conclusive proof that change was coming.

Was that a dream or a figment of my imagination, I did not know. I had no authenticated documents to prove my theory, which was now gradually becoming a reality which at least I could sense. I got support from like minded people, very few in number.

I could see, my emotions, thought process all were not guided by events in reality. There were somethings which were happening beyond. If I had tears in my eyes, if I got angry or was happy, I always did not find reasons which triggered these responses.

Was all this my ESP or I was just thinking too much. Did I need a break? Break from what, mundane or the eventful days? Questions were many but I never got any answers because I knew they were not to be found in the real world. I knew this but how to convince others in seeing what I was sensing. For them matter was something which had mass. Why anyone will believe in something abstract. I thought to let it loose.

I decided I will not convince anyone. Let me take up a formula where two plus two would be four but something would be added up in the unreal world as well...The reverie was broken.

Ishika looked blankly at the sky. She had just finished her coffee, she never knew how these thoughts came up to her. Suddenly the sky started changing color. From blue to red to purple, multiple hues, in sync with each other. She got up and decided to venture out and witness this celestial phenomenon. But she did not find the ground to put her feet on. She then realized, sky was where she was actually there and the ground was lost.