Friday, February 27, 2009

Life is different

Life is interesting ,when you are thinking of something to happen,it can happen that thing may not happen at all,then what will happen you may have never thought of.You feel bad and then after some time has passed out you realize what happened was for good only. Well is this my optimism which is speaking out,may be and this is my driving force.What I feel is if staying positive lets you be happy and also lets you perform your duties what is the harm in it.What benefit do i get if I keep on sulking.

I believe in doing something by heart and using my mind in it,so both my heart and mind work in sync.I can't do something only by mind.Then again I get the criticism that I am being too sensitive. So what if I am that rather than mechanical. Practicality comes only when you reason something well not when you judge something only by weighing the pros and cons. Life is something which I like to lead differently and enjoy it doing as well,may be it doesn't fall in the regular parameters but then is it necessary always to do what others do.

Sometimes I am chided by people who know me that I do things seriously ,I wonder then do I do that actually,as for me I do things in the best possible manner I can do ,not how others may have excelled in that. Sometimes it also comes to me what if I had been different from what I am now.How life would have been then. Does life change as you change or its changing pattern transforms you. Some answers which I am still searching for

Friday, February 6, 2009


I like work. Does it mean I like working, yes working for results , not just for the sake of it. Don't we all like results. Imagine a situation day in and day out you are just slogging but nothing is the outcome. Would you like it ,of course not. We human beings actually love goals,some destination we want to reach rather than just walking aimlessly. But then there is a fine line that is sometimes you do something and you don't expect anything in return but that doesn't mean you wouldn't want any definite outcome of this yes you would, rather in this case you would go beyond your usual capacity. This is the case where you actually work by heart. Like I am writing this blog why because I want to vent my feelings,am I expecting anything from this,yes satisfaction of my being and that would be the greatest reward. Apart from that if someone reads my blogs and finds it interesting I would definitely feel happy but if no one reads, still I would go on writing. Why because I would love reading all this as time passes. This is another work I love :)