Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Journeys

I am happy in mundane things.My daily routine in fact brings me close to myself. I get up in the mornings , get ready and reach my workplace.

I cherish the journeys between my home and office as I keep pondering about many things on my way. Lot of thoughts just engulf me that time when I am heading for my workplace.

Like where my life is going, some minor issues which may be troubling me or just some observations regarding where my life is going or I keep on looking listlessly at the objects passing by.

Then when I reach office suddenly my mind switches off what I was thinking earlier, instantly I now think of what is there to work. Work ensues interspersed with some pleasantries from the colleagues or some hearty discussions thrown here and there. And with that the day ends.

Now I start my return journey , usually I keep on listening to some songs or just keep on looking at the rows of trees passing by, the same road juncture , the round turn , the mad rush of the people returning home. Those moments are as if like refreshing drops of rain. Maybe it's too simple , too prosaic but it actually lets me connect to my thoughts which I hardly get time to relate to.

I think I should be thankful that my house is far from my workplace or else wouldn't have got time to engage in my thoughts.

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