Sunday, March 7, 2010

We adjust to be happy

We always hear this, we need to adjust.Adjustment so to say is part of our existence. We cannot ignore it in fact it can be dangerous for us if we try to do so. But when the question comes how much we should adjust then all the trouble starts.

We are never clear about that. We go all our way to adjust for a situation and then what happens we are not in that situation, we are at the back seat. It usually happens that people take us or we take the people for granted. Not a perfect situation.

Can we say that when we are happy in adjusting that is actually the ideal adjustment. How beneficial it will be for other person or situation. Well even if the adjustment is 10% less than what it had been if we had not put our feelings in it, the result will always be good. Success rate more than when you are unhappy and giving in to situation since you have to do it.Here you have to do it but you are not doing it actually. The mechanical aspect doesn't help.

What I feel yes we should adjust but only that much which we do with full heart, rest just leave it. Either way the thing is not going to work if it's not working with your full engagement. If life asks for full engagement,situations as well, they are not separate from life are they.



Quite agree with your thoughts there that till the point we think we can adjust we should and leave the rest be.
But there is a catch we are ready to adjust to any lengths when it is a matter of out people, our relatives but when it comes to adjusting in a public bus to see an old lady standing and a young person sitting we are not ready to adjust most of the times,therein lies the onus of being happy to adjust and simultaneously adjusting to be happy. I wonder how many people in today's scenario do these things ..believe me the inner self glows with confidence if one is able to adjust to be happy and simultaneously happy to adjust !!

Gagrin said...

What is Life- mere adjustments -everything was and will never be exactly wht we thght of - so y not accept & be happy in that adjustment rather than just leave it?
I agree with u xcept for the last para - don't leave it - I may be wrong but that's the way I live :)

Shilpa said...

Thanks for your comments Yuvraj and Gaurang. As I have already said it is actually very difficult to understand how much we should adjust.I guess it varies from person to person.When we go that extra bit and am happy in doing that then why not. But what I meant to say is what if we are not happy in adjusting but just stretching our limits.

madscribbler said...

Hello. Traveling on TWITTER time line I try to follow people for small sweet talks. It is a small happiness. It is a sort of adjustment to be happy. Well recently the happiness has become serious and I don't know I am happy or not lol.@abhijitdg editor India Today is inviting for TWESTIVAL tell me how sane is the invitation. Make me happy. lol.