Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mixed emotions

One thing we all dread is mixed emotion. You feel bad about something and at the same time you are happy. Why our thought process is so complex? Or is it that our feelings don't emerge easily.

We have become quite advanced compared to previous generations but have we got any success in the emotional sphere. Are we not lagging behind there? We also rejoice over the fact that we hide our emotions very cleverly.Are we able to hide or we kill it? "Emotional fool" what is the definition of that term. Who is emotional genius then and how is that person different from the geniuses we see everyday. Here I mean the ones who use their brains in the best possible way.

Coming back to mixed emotions.Since we are emotionally intelligent it happens or we are fools and it is a logical result of that? Does the situation make us think that way or we view the situation in a way to give it double tinge?

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Amit Ray said...

Now I am getting a mixed feeling. Don't know the answer of any of these questions. Human emotions are such fascinating creations.