Saturday, December 19, 2009


The movie Paa inspires me to write this post. It's not the first time that some movie has touched my heart but Paa is different. Why? Since it conveys in an effortless manner something which is so difficult. The protagonist in fact has taken life as it comes without any qualms.

I was wondering how the lives of those kids must be who are affected with Progeria, how their family cope up with the situation. How the parents must feel seeing their child older than themselves. Such a rare phenomenon , as if time somehow switches to future.

Moreover I was thinking it took a movie to make us all aware of this kind of disease. Yes maybe some of us must have knowledge of this but not everyone. Does this mean we need a narration to understand things, a visual, a story then only we can ponder over the facts?

My mind is full of questions like how the child who suffers from Progeria views life. What exactly goes in his mind, he knows he is there for such a short time about 13 years but he has to squeeze in 70-80 years in that.Isn't this kind of race against time?

When simple things get difficult does that mean difficult things get simple? Does life's mystery lie in that?

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Anonymous said...

no dear shilpa ,

Life is not that easy , i have seen few people in life who have cheated their partners and not disclosed abt their illness.if ur intretsed i can put a mail to u seprately