Saturday, November 14, 2009

Silence is golden-My take

Quite a common saying but sometimes we understand the deep meaning behind it. It actually helps when you are silent in some circumstances.And what are those circumstances- those situations where there is no point of discussion, needless to indulge in an argument.

Yes obviously when you are at fault and you are silent that is not going to help matters.But what when you know you are right and you stand by your convictions, if people don't believe in what you are saying and doing you can put your stand in front of them, provided they are willing to listen. If still nothing happens better leave it.

It's not that being silent will be easy not at all. It is the most difficult part but if you do you get a satisfaction which no argument or irrelevant discussion can provide. I view it as this- if there is fan in your room it makes lot of noise either you try to repair it or if it cannot be repaired you just switch it off or buy a new one.

It is easy to change a thing but not so easy to change the situation, you then have to adopt the method of switching off the fan. It's there but it doesn't exist for you.You have either adjusted yourself of living without it or have switched off to alternative method. But you have left it to be there. Think why you cannot throw it, is it a silent reminder to you that problem existed and you counteracted it by not listening to it.

Or you would adopt a method where you leave the fan running let it make noise but it is not going to affect you at all. This will be the most difficult choice though.
Life is complex and we need to choose options :

a) Try to correct the situation, you try to repair the fan
b)Try to distance yourself away from the situation,you switch off the fan
c)Try to be unaffected by the situation, you leave the faulty fan running

I feel at some points in our lives we need to adopt all the 3 options. What do you say?

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