Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Social Media Connect with the Soul

How it would feel to be connected, when I am there in another world? This random thought crossed my mind today while I was returning home after work. Why it came I have no idea but the thought was interesting, this much I know.

So what will actually happen is when the soul will leave the body it will tweet or post on Facebook that, all the pain and misery seems to have ended and it feels light. There is a vertical ascent and it seems that it is crossing layers of realization. Nothing seems to be permanent and it seems everything is in transition.

The soul will want to communicate with near and dear ones and it will do so. But the disadvantage will be that it will tempt it to get attached with the world it is leaving. It will not know what is there for it above but it will know what it is leaving down. It will see the true picture of people whom he thought its close ones.

It will wonder why it is going above? Who will receive him there? The dilemma will continue whether to just stay back keep on communicating in the transition phase or leave everything and go up, get disconnected.

It will not get time to decide, before that suddenly it will pick up speed and rush up. Memories will fade, it will forget who it was but will know where it has to go. It will attain salvation. The social media connect will get soulful? Will It?

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