Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Breakup

The stone was lying like that,
Unattended, discarded, forgotten,
The wind sometimes hurled abuse at it,
The rain drops cursed themselves when they fell on it,
The sun and the moon were its only companion
But it didn’t pay much heed to their existence,
They only added the difference it wanted.

One day it decided to change,
The stone thought it will greet anyone who looks its way,
It did not know what care was,
So if anyone looked at it,
That was quite important.

Then that day the earth decided to release its pressure,
The creations were destroyed,
The trees, the river, the flowers, the creatures all shrieked in fear.
The stone was happy.

It didn’t know why, but it was.
It broke into two,
It could see itself,
The agony of solitude was gone,
It had some company.

The sun came out again,
Life limped back to where it was,
But the life of the stone was changed forever…

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