Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year Resolution

Why you have to be the same always,
Year after year, the thought continues..

When we have something always in our life it just loses its existence for us and becomes a part of our life or maybe we blend in that to become one complete whole. We crave for the same distinction which was present when the thing was in front of our eyes or when we acknowledged its entity. Now that we got used to it, slowly the definition blurs. The lines fade, the boundaries melt and what remains is an abstract phenomenon which you feel but could not see.

I am going to discover those abstract phenomenons in my life in the year 2011. The limitations, the boundaries, the shapes all are going to disappear, the discovery will start....


Manpreet Bedi said...

beautiful. :)

mshubhankar said...

Exploring the unexplored arena is called life... Very well stated.