Sunday, August 8, 2010

Changes matter or the way?

Changes come in small packages and they are loved that way the most. Why? Wouldn't you like something big? Believe it or not small joys make you more happy since they come in right size to affect you in the way you want. It registers actually. Does that mean you will look for small things to happen and leave aside the major happenings? No not at all but you would like yourself to be prepared fully for that major thing.

You like to enjoy moments, more precisely.You like to relish them in your own way. You don't like any disturbance, you want the change to engulf you in your own sweet way. That is the ideal situation.

But do things happen the way you desire? Of course not, they happen in their own way not how you want them. You are lucky when you find yourself admiring the way they happen.Think about it,they took place in their own way,you took it as a pleasant surprise.

Third situation is, change is happening in its own way, you are thinking of the way you want them.Now the disconnect is there.Does that mean, you will leave track of them or you would be so engrossed in your preferences that the way matters more than the actual thing? Tricky situation isn't it? But then it again depends on you.You can either stick to your likes and dislikes or try to analyze what is actually happening. Isn't that something you wanted but you prefer to forget it.

So changes can either bring you to that perfect situation, you always wanted; you can be lucky if the change is what you always wanted.Next you can be proactive to make the change work for you.

Which way you want the changes? The question remains-changes matter or the way? :)


kknundy said...

"Small joys make you more happy"

How can all changes suddenly be generalised as joys. Any change can be disruptive/disappointing just as well.

"You like to enjoy moments" "You don't like any disturbance"

If moments are to be relished, they must be differentiable and consequentially should disturb the current balance. Hence experiencing moments means experiencing disturbances in the ordinary.

To be continued... sleepy now. mistyping like hell.

Shilpa said...

When we don't like a change, we don't think about the way.When we are thinking of the way it happened, then it means somewhere we have identified with the change, now we are delving on how it happened.

Iyer said...

wonderful...i'm able to relate myself with it...and i love writings which are close to reality....near to my heart....and this one truly is.