Friday, July 23, 2010

It's not simple

People's behavior is so complex.You try to simplify things but they will again make it sound complicated. You tell a simple fact,it gets back to you in a convoluted form. Judgments and analysis all leads to one goal that is make life difficult for yourself and others in the fold.

What I said can be viewed as an angry outburst but the point is if we think calmly, yeah I have taken a deep breath and counted 20 backwards what next? Situation changes, no, attitudes? No? Stupidity nah, shrewdness disguised as innocence no no not at all.So nothing changes, they evolve with flying colors in fact.

So basically I am back to square one and that is again dealing with complications and more complications. My question to myself- come on why I am just being a silent spectator and even if I am reacting it's me who sees it. So didn't I also contribute to the complex situation, yeah absolutely no doubts about that.

Then what right I have to say people make things complex, it's me,who has the major role to play in things happening the way they are around me. I can be a sponge go on absorbing, I can be a vacuum and suck everything or I can be a boomerang and return what comes to me.

The decision is simple and I need to take one of the options soon, sponge I have already been, point remains if I want to deteriorate further and change in a vacuum or change my approach and be a boomerang.

Moreover what I want simplicity or complexity choice is entirely mine, and the choice has to be made again to make life simple or complex :)

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