Saturday, June 26, 2010

I will not opt for choices

I keep on learning from people.The more I interact with different people I understand one thing how much is there to know.Each facet of an individual is a lesson in itself. Experiences within a defined sphere is one thing but when it flows out of that boundary then the challenge begins.

How I should behave in a situation where I don't know the factors, don't have an inkling of the rules? It puzzles but it teaches as well.

We can always say we will do this or that.But what if there are no choices or say you just leave out the options. Yes the situation gets more challenging but the learning experience is also there.

It comes to me why I would leave out the choices,I can also say yes or no. Why I have to behave according to the situation, why not create a new situation rather than indulging in something where choices emerge.

But my question to myself is why there will be choices always. Why I will make it so easy for myself to opt in or opt out? Why not stay where I am? Point is why I will, my option is simple-I need to increase my boundary and when you are up to that you leave out the options isn't it. Just follow the path.

It may take me two minutes to go against something but what I would enjoy is spending moments,which teach me and tell one thing take life as it comes. Anyway it never gives you much of choice either accept it or go against it.

For me choices are in front of my eyes but I would rather not choose them :).

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