Friday, June 4, 2010

I created I know

Something disturbs. When you give 100% and the output comes as 70% or even 60% and the rest are just fillers with no real value;that is the time to worry. You worry because apparently the output seems 100% but it's not.

Why the gap and why something superficial needed to fill in the gap? You worry more when you are involved in a process but someone else starts analyzing it. It's like someone just checks the output box in the flow chart and present the analysis.The input, the decision making, the throughput all is ignored.

This is the time when things take dangerous turn. It bends both ways, good or even crumble to worse. What to do? How to tackle this situation? You cannot repeat the same process again. You cannot change some one's analysis. You know only your process which you carved with determination and hard work.

This time you need to let things take their turn. Once you see it's changing for the worse you need to pitch in. Situation may have been turned against you, the process which you carried on will always be yours and no one can change it however hard they may try. Also they won't because the analysis is dependent on the process.

We can call a day a bad day or good day but it starts with a morning, evolves in a day, cools down in an evening and sleeps into a night. The process is the same, our analysis is different towards it. We can alienate ourselves from the analysis we cannot from the process.

And if a day is filled with wasted time and we say that the day is good that is entirely our fault. Since this good day is going to make us feel bad in coming days.Process and analysis should go on side by side not separately, it is bound to differ.

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