Sunday, April 11, 2010

Take 25

This note I have written in Facebook,actually this was a part of an exercise which my dear friend @hnatarajan motivated me to do. He tagged me in a note which include 25 random thoughts about him, now whoever was tagged in the note also had to share 25 thoughts about themselves ranging from habits,interests,liking whatever which came to mind first. Presenting those 25 thoughts here.

1) Live life as it comes
2) Positive always,can't stay with negative feelings/thoughts.
3)Try to analyze things sometimes I fail sometimes I do succeed :)
4) Hope is a big word for me it is strength.
5) Thoughts pour in at odd times which I can't write then they either fade away or stay in me only.
6)I look forward to knowing more people, why just to understand my existence.
7) I tend to be philosophical.I think this much is enough.
8) I feel heart is more stronger than head believe it or not.
9) Everything has a reason so it happens.
10) I look forward to see myself in middle of politics one day
11) I left writing poems
12) I have become like an instant coffee more into tweets than blogs or posts.
13) Temper is one thing I need to control more,have done that mostly but still some work is left.
14) My patience level has increased, life was a strict teacher in this department.
15) I don't believe much in planning.
16) I generally don't take no for an answer :) like to persuade people,then I think maybe they are right and me wrong,maybe is the big word
17)I like being frank and want people also to be the same, mostly that doesn't happen though.
18) I lose patience when I have do something about me like am losing patience to write more about me here lol
19) I don't believe in stereotyped rules
20) I like discipline
21) Punctuality is something I admire
22) For me a work has to be done now,can't leave it for tomorrow
23) Am sensitive
24) I like to learn new things
25) I am lazy so am not checking what all I have written :)

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